About me?

Here is some info about me and where im from

Jens Faurholt

Freelance Graphic designer

My name is Jens Faurholt, a freelance graphic designer with a passion for content creation, logo, and website design and all the magic of multimedia and graphic design.

My educational background consists of an AP Degree in Multimedia Design and Communication from CBA. Here I was taught the basics about the Adobe package and different methods of creation and ideation mixed with insight and development skills with a touch of HTML5 & CSS. Next, I went on to study Digital Concept Development at KEA where I was getting an indebted understanding of online marketing and the inner workings of concept development and project management and creating digital concepts.

I addition to this I have been dabbling with freelance design, volunteer content creation and different internships, which all lead to my now full-time job as a graphic designer and marketing employee. I do still enjoy the existing world of freelance designer and the many different projects that comes with it, so if you did come this far and need help with a project, get in touch, and lets have a look at it.

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